A Auditing Business Valuation Services:

Our team of experts assists clients with a variety of valuation issues, including strategic, transactional, and operational decisions, as well as regulatory compliance and monitoring.
Our capacity to comprehend a client’s vision and need, as well as our technical expertise in selecting the appropriate valuation technique, critical thought method, and analytical talents, has positioned A Auditing among the UAE’s top valuation firms.
A Auditing’s team of specialists understands your need for auditing and offers you with a tailor-made solution based on your business needs and relevant laws and resolutions in the United Arab Emirates.

Tax Valuation:

In the tax analysis of critical company decisions, valuation is frequently a key component. Tax valuations are difficult and subjective, and they must be based on a body of precedent. This case law imposes a framework that differs from that which is commonly utilised in business valuation. Avoiding the framework’s major tax costs can be considerable, including both terms of calculating the correct amount of tax and the time and effort required to do so. It is critical to have a solid understanding of the case law and practise that governs tax value.

Portfolio Valuation:

We value operating divisions, investment portfolios, including underlying debt and equity investments, and infrastructure for multiple family offices, private equity companies, and institutional investors.