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About Us

Our Strategy

Our team of auditors & accountants are deeply engaged with our client's requirements with our thoughtful approach & commitment.

ALriyady Auditing & Accounting is a Dubai-based, certified auditing and accounting organization. We specialise in audit, assurance, taxation, bookkeeping, feasibility studies, accounting software, tax agent services, financial statement preparation, and other accounting and management consultant services for both public and private firms in the UAE. The Ministry of Economy has accredited us as a highly integrated and professional audit firm. Our goal is to provide timely and high-quality services that will assist businesses in growing by developing a clear strategy, saving money, and increasing income. ALriyady assumes responsibility for the situation and handles it skillfully and properly.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create value for Entrepreneurs.

and investors being their reliable assurance mechanism for multiple investments so that they can grow exponentially and have access to the accurate financial and non financial information of their investments. We provide our independent opinion on the financial statements to stakeholders for their decision making process

Why Choose Us

We take pleasure in the long-term relationships we develop with our clients

And we understand that in order to do so, we must keep our commitments. We will always be accessible to assist you with our professional advise and regard your enterprise as our own as we strive to meet your needs to the highest level of quality, thanks to our time-bound mindset.

Collection of information

We sit with you to understand the requirement

Strategic planning

Together we develop a plan and our scope of work

Assignment of responsibilities

We organize the team to address your requirements


With the right personnel, we will implement our responsibilities based on your needs.